The Hosts

Eugene “The Bald Guy” McCurdy

Husband to one, Father to five, Christ Follower. That’s the summed up version of Eugene. He has a desire to follow Christ in everything that he does. He’s a techy geek and loves just about all gadgets (especially Apple products). 

Favorite Movie: Pretty much anything Marvel…or Batman

Favorite Book: The Bible, cause that’s all he reads..honestly, books aren’t his thing

Favorite YouTube Channels: Kentucky Ballistics, Peter McKinnon & Colin Furze

Zack “Mama Needs Coffee” Vaughan

Zack is also married to his beautiful wife and has four kids. He works in full time ministry for the FCA. Zack is a fan of lots of sports and loves to play as well, but sometimes has to learn the hard way about treating it nicely as he gets older.

Favorite Movie: Shanghai Noon

Favorite Book: Brian’s Winter

Favorite YouTube Channels: The Detail Geek, Primitive Survival, and Ninjas Are Butterflies.